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Who was Queen Sheba of the Bible? part 2

By queens in Blog on July 1, 2017

Welcome Back! In part one of “Who was Queen Sheba of the Bible,” I concluded the blog article with several thought provoking statements that caused quite a stir. One of them was, “This African woman of power, Makeda – Queen of Sheba, was extremely wealthy, busy savvy, and had an empire that included Upper Egypt, Ethiopia, and parts of Arabia, which included the Kingdom of Sheba (Sabba).” She was mysterious, exotic and a very powerful woman. Its hard for most people to imagine that women of antiquity had vast empires unless they’re exposed to true history. In today’s society the school system is inundated with whitewashed history. If you’re tired of it well…you’re in for a treat – “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” my relationship/self-help book is the perfect antidote with plenty of interesting history tidbits.

Queen of Sheba

Wouldn’t you like to know what one of the richest women in the world went out of her way to visit the richest & wisest men of the time?!? Perhaps you’re satisfied with the bible’s story that she was infatuated with the king’s rich and wise reputation. There is more than meets the eye. An even more important question to ask is, “Why was a woman so powerful and rich, wasn’t elaborated on in the good book?” Could it have something to do with the fact that the people that wrote the books of the bible were male chauvinists to some degree, if not completely? Afterall, according to them, God has to be a man! A masculine principle, right? Not quite. God was always viewed as a feminine principle, Mother-God in the cradle of civilization, which is Alkublan, known today as Africa. The father-God concept didn’t come into play until the Europeans imparted that thought into the countries they colonized. Europeans were still in caves, beating their women over their heads to mate with them when Africa had written languages, and established cities (Proto-Saharan, West Nubia dates back 5000 – 3000 B.C.). [This subject isn’t the focus of this blog or my book, but there are plenty of content on the subject in other blogs of mine.]

What Queens Bring To The Table in A Relationship

Nonetheless, as far as woman-hating males in the religious sector goes, its a well-documentenated that women were oppressed in many countries – outside of Africa. There were religious leaders that believed that women were the doorway to hell, and some still do, such as Tertullian (160-220 CE), a very influential Christian early theologian; listen to most of the rap artist of today, and you’ll hear the curses they spit towards women. Truth be told, women are joining in on the bashing other women. If you need more evidence of this stinking thinking, you can look up the Salem Town Witch Trials of 1692-1693. Any woman that exhibited more intelligence than a man was considered evil. In 2017, with the rate of women outnumbering men in college education, and entrepreneurship its hard to imagine that the females were once shut down for their intellectual capacity. This type of behavior could only occur when a culture that not only accepts but embraces low-level of consciousness. Pay attention to the curse words – Son of a %*$#@, Sons of B^&*#, Mother-$%^&#$.

Now, back to the Queen at hand – Queen of Sheba! Queen Candice, Queen Nzinga, Queen Tye, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra to name a few (all are mentioned in my new book 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire – BTW). Women played an important role in society by bringing wisdom to the table – the feminine principle and sacred energy was just as vital today as it were during the three “Golden Ages” of ancient Egypt. Generally speaking, the ladies were on a higher level of dignity and self-respect than young women of today; the rights of women were equal to men in nearly all spheres, with civil, religious and military rights and duties much like a man’s. As a matter of fact, many cultures were matriarchal societies.
Polygamy was uncommon in Sheba. King Solomon was known to have a thousand wives [they were not ‘wives’ in the sense that we use the word.], and I’m sure the queen wasn’t down with his program because she came from a higher level of consciousness. She had the ability to increase both of their vast empires! Polygamy was uncommon in Sheba. With the king having so many wives, its no wonder he went crazy. Having your energy pulled in so many directions will have its toll on any person, whether its towards business or pleasure.


When she came to visit King Solomon it was actually a business deal. I’m sure there was a hint of curiosity of his wisdom, due to the fact people of antiquity cherished wisdom – wisdom saved lives and kingdoms. King Solomon had control of the head of the Gulf of Aqabah (the main route that crossed from Arabia to Egypt). He literally, controlled the sea trade that could threaten the caravan trade that had made the southern Arabian kingdoms so rich. That’s why the Queen Makeda gave the king 120 talents (equivalent of 4.5 tons) of gold, large quantities of spices, and precious stones. The queen “brought to the table” a lot more than her good looks, she brought power and knowledge of her worth as a woman! Something that I hope all ladies get a good grasp of the fact that you are worth a lot more than a sex buddy or bedwarmer!

There is so much more I want to share with you here, but the good news is that all of it is in my highly anticipated book “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire“. You’re just going to have to wait for its release on March 17, 2017. Get a copy of new book to find out more interesting fact about the Queen of the South. Please, share this blog and a BIG Thanks for reading this too! [7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire books are available on the website, iTunes, and Amazon.]

References: Women in the Bible http://www.womeninthebible.net/women-bible-old-new-testaments/queen-of-sheba/

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Cooking Queen – “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”

By queens in Blog on November 22, 2016

Remember the good times when we prayed holding hands before we ate homecooked dinner together as a family at the sacred dinner table after school and on Sundays? The sweet aroma from the food being cooked filled the air while the love energy of what you were about to consume made everyone’s heart smile. The “home-cooked family dinner” ritual was prevalent in the 19th century up until 2001. What has happened to cause this change in love, family, and dinner time? The answer to this is why the chapter “Cooking Queen,” in my latest book “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” is so controversial to some women and an eyeopener to most. It troubles me to find so many of our queens, refusing to cook for themselves, their family, or for their future husbands. One would have to think, is this the reason why men aren’t motivated to be home with their wife and families?

dinner-table-black-family- “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”

Equally important, there was a time, when I was growing up, young ladies were proud and eager to cook full course meal, and kept great grades, played sports while in high school. This had to be a great help to their mothers and fathers, especially in single parent homes. The paradox here is that young women aren’t being taught how to cook or sew, and therefore can’t teach their future sons and daughters; the demands of everyday life makes it almost impossible for career women to have the time to prepare dinner after like in the 80’s and 90’s. A solution to this is to prepare and season the food the day before, which will cut down the meal preparation time in half. Even the love music isn’t the same; R&B today is more about lust, one-night stands, and materialist things. In the defense of women, men aren’t playing their roles either as providers, and protectors for their families or communities.

In the same fashion, millennial men are more concerned about looking cute, wearing the latest pair of overpriced Jordans, and that their pants are tight enough so that they can sag their pants “showing their ass” (which is a sign of homosexuals). Could this be the reason women are hiding from the kitchen stove and men are more cowardly than ever? There aren’t any good men left to cook for or worth the effort to standup preparing a meal for a couple of hours. Cooking is the way to a man’s heart. That old saying still lives on today, and will live on for as long as there are people living on earth. It gives us strength, vitality, and the energy needed to defend the woman our hearts desire and to be brave enough to stand on the frontline for our community. Without this vital source of energy from women, men will forever be weak and feminine.

In addition, an older friend of mine, Mrs. G. Cameron, wrote a spiritually delicious book called, “Around The Dinner Table.” It talks about her family cooking traditions and how many great memories were created through cooking, and at the dinner table. The dinner table these days are our living rooms, coffee tables, couches, and bedrooms. The only times most people eat at the dinner table these days are during the holidays, such as on Kwanzaa, Easter, and Thanksgiving. We’re missing out on a great deal of blessings and bonding time through praying to give thanks to God for the ability to have life and good food to eat. Truth be told Thanksgiving is everyday. A family that prays together stays together!

Cooking Queen

The love energy produced through cooking a great nutrious meal is irreplaceable. I can’t foresee better days for our society if we don’t get the traditional family back on the map – One Woman and One Man and Children = The Original Trinity. We need to take heed of this, and must bring our families back to their right minds starting with what is placed into our stomach. Researchers are uncovering the details of how the foods we consume affect our cravings, our moods, and even our memories; there only so many French fries and hamburgers a body can take before it breaks down.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed this article then you’ll fall in love my latest book, especially chapter three, “Cooking Queen!” I highly recommend that everyone gets a copy of my book, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.” It’s a powerful piece of literature that features several types of women from ancient times to today, i.e., First Lady Michelle Obama, Princes Diana, Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith Joyner, Queen Nzingah, Queen Esther, Queen of Sheba, etc. The book compares women of antiquity with the sopifhicated woman of today that feels as if she doesn’t need a good man or has to cook when she can order with her debit. We want our men back home – lets start with giving them a reason to not only stay home but to be happy at home. Home is where the heart is. Oh, by the way, a woman that can cook is more sexy and attractive then an Instagram model that can’t! ☺

Love to hear your comments, and I will reply. Have a blessed day!!

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The Value of Women, Black Queens

By queens in Blog on November 15, 2015

Let me share with you some fascinating history about the Black Woman. Black Queens were revered as Mother Gods & Goddesses in Africa and throughout the ancient world until colonization took place. The Europeans, and other exploiters took noticed of how much Black Men appreciated, respected, and ruled the world side-by-side with their Queens. So they (Portuguese, Asians, Arabs, etc.) came in with hidden agendas as businessmen and religious scholars to take away what made us STRONG – the free flowing feminine energy & wisdom of the African Woman.


From Queens In Africa To Sideshows In Europe

The love energy ❤️ from these goddesses gave the world’s first: Warriors, Scientists, Astrologists, Doctors, etc. their strength and motivation and inspiration to create pyramids, calendars, and witty inventions that thousands of years later we still can’t figure out how our ancestors manifested them. The powers that bestole this knowledge, also robbed them of their libraries, their minds, and brought it to their foreign countries, along with our women in order to degrade them. The Europeans successfully erased any remnants of our regal history as goddesses, gods, by violating the black women and black girls in every way a devil could imagine – physically, sexually, mentally, and financially. White men degraded their women (in Europe) on a regular basis while having desires for the black woman’s voluptuous body and wisdom. Case in point, women that were “smarter” then a man were called a witch and burned alive – “Witch Hunts” in Europe and “Salem Witch Trials” in Massachusetts, in which went on from 1692 to 1693 – #TrueStory; with that same sadistic mentality they tortured and enslaved black females and males for hundreds of years. Take notice that this is still going on today.

Moreover, they envied and were obsessed with the black males genitalia and wanted to control the birthrate of the black population, so they castrated them. Case in point, George Washington Carver, the scientist. His slave master didn’t want his genius to multiply, so they castrated him (cut off his penis). In Africa, our ancestors praised women for their wisdom because by listening to them was a matter of life or death, victory or defeat – research it. The image that you see is the “Human Zoo” that forced black women to walk around, do tricks, and dance naked in fences and gates, caged in fences like wild animals. This had to be a horrible experience for our mothers and sisters. (In the 1870’s Human Zoos could be found in Paris, Hamburg, Antwerp, Barcelona, London, Milan, New York, and Warsaw with 200,000 to 300,000 visitors attending each exhibition.) Now, in 2015, our women are degrading themselves freely for that mighty dollar, as private dances and strippers. Wow, time has changed!! (Watch my video: MIND BLOWING Truth On “Strip Clubs & Pole Dancing Ritual)


As many of you know, I’ve written a highly anticipated book, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.” I’ve ascertained some very interesting facts about women from several different cultures in various nations, especially in Africa. God put it in my spirit to write this book in order to inspire women of all ages to be the best woman possible, because it’s through you Kings like me – get our POWER!

My question to women, “How do we get our women to view and carry themselves as Queens & Women with integrity instead of what we see depicted in this picture (and all over TV and social media)??? Truth be told this is going on with White women, Asian women, and Hispanic women too! Love to hear what you think about this article…leave a comment.

Click here to order your copy of my new book, or to find out more about me, the game changing author, Kevin Dorival. Stay tuned for more exciting, blogs, videos, and interviews – reaching for 40,000,000 book sales.

“7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”
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  • Dr. Amos Wilson, “Black On Black Violence”
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  • Dr. Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango, “Will The Real Jesus Stand Up”
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    Was the Black Woman God? Queen of the Universe pt. 1

    By queens in Blog on August 21, 2015

        Women in ancient African high culture civilizations were worshiped as “Guardian Angels” and revered as “Mothers of the Universe.” A man could not become a King without the Queen crowning him (her king). A woman’s wisdom was valuable treasure, and her aura was sought after by real mean seeking to build and/or to maintain empires together.

    Was the Black Woman God? Queen of the Universe pt. 1

         The phrase, “The Black Woman is God,” comes from the knowledge of the original worship of “Mother God,” not “Father God.” The latter came from the European male chauvinist religions that were used to divide and conquer the continent into slavery; they were amazed by the beauty and power that the Black Woman possessed, especially when back home where they oppressed and tortured their own women if she was labeled a “witch” for knowing more than a man. The Europeans also realized that the African men drew their strength and energy from the abundance of wisdom that the goddesses possessed. The Eurasians (500-1500 A.D.) were envious and wanted to take the secrets of the ancient African high culture civilizations back home that were suffering from the “Dark Ages.” Nonetheless its what they stole, including African women, that got them out of the Dark Ages, which means a lack of scientific and cultural advancement. If they understood the powers of our sisters back then – then why don’t we, today?

    Evidence of the Mother God

         As proof to this claim that women were considered “Mother Creatress,” there are records of Goddesses in Sumer‬, Babylon‬, Egypt‬, Kush‬, Africa‬, Australia‬ and China‬ – women understood their magical powers ✨ to uplift herself and her man to overcome any adversity! There is so much more that I would like to share with you but please be sure to indulge in my latest book….“7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire!”

         The title of this amazing article asks a question, “Was the Black Woman God?” A better question would be “Is the Black Woman God?” I personally believe that every woman has the ability to empower every man that is down on his luck – it happens! Instead of looking down upon him or belittling him – give him some motivation! Speak the blessings of God upon him!! We’re going to need the feminine energy force that our ancestors possessed to resurrect the Black-On-Black Criminal from the path of death and destruction back into the right mindset of building, loving, and protecting his family. All three of these components are the essence a “Real Man” that is so badly needed in our communities today.

         Some people may want to dispute the claim of the Mother God and that Black Women were ever the rulers of many ancient civilizations. That’s cool with me! By all means ask me your questions, or post your comment. I won’t get offended – promise. My job is to inspire women to be the Queens they were destined to be so that they can empower the men to be the Kings to be men of honor.

    Preorders are now available, “7 Types of, Kings Desire”
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