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Who was Queen Sheba of the Bible? part 1

By queens in Blog on November 20, 2015

Has anyone noticed that in the bible, Queen Sheba is barely mentioned? Take a peek at 1st Kings Chapter 10 in the bible, which is only 3 paragraphs about King Solomon, and his royal guess Queen Sheba. By the time you read this article, you’ll no longer call her that – I guarantee it. Well…thank God for my new book, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire,” which is going to open the eyes of common girls to well known women of power across the globe.

Allow me to give you some insight on who this ancient Queen was. Once upon a time, in 1012 B.C.E. (Before The Common Error aka B.C. – Before Christ) there was an Ethiopian queen from the “Kingdom of Sheba,” with many titles, however, her real name was “Bilkis.” However, its only fair that I share with you what the people of her native land of Ethiopia called her, which was “Makeda.” She had many titles, and depending upon where you get your research from, you’ll find out something very interesting about Bilkis. She was known as the “Queen of Egypt,” “Queen of the South,” and the “Queen of Ethiopia.” Get this…she was known to have the gift of clairvoyance, which is the ability to see into the future; people with this gift also assist in guiding a person towards enhanced health, fortune and happiness. Borderline fortuneteller or psychic. Similar to what a prophetess and prophets do today in churches. The only difference, in my professional opinion between a prophetess and psychic is that the former does in the name of Jesus, and the latter does it for their own personal financial gain.


Moreover, kings back then all sought out Queens from Ethiopia (Land of Cush, not marijuana folks) due to the fact that it was believed that these Ethiopian Queens (Cushite Queens) all had the gift of seeing into the future. Why? Thought you’d never ask. It was because it helped the kings like King Solomon, President Obama, Akhnaton (husband of Great Royal Wife & Queen Noferetete aka Nefertiti) and King Nebakanezer win defining wars and battles. In fact, 10 out of the 10 men married men that I interviewed for my book, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire,” they all had one thing in common other than being “wounded by love;” these men seemed a woman that could help them build an empire. Successful men aka kings of today, seek women that are great with numbers, can cook, and are experienced in multiplying their fortune. This African woman of power, Queen of Sheba, was extremely wealthy, and had an empire that included Upper Egypt, Ethiopia, and parts of Arabia, which included the Kingdom of Sheba (Sabba).


From A Business Trip To A Royal Romance

Wouldn’t you like to know what kind of deal the richest woman in the world, at the time, was trying to make with the richest & wisest man?!? An even more important question to ask is, “Why was a woman so powerful and rich, not elaborated on in the good book?” I’ll answer those questions in the next article, and in my new book, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire“.

Stay tuned for part II for real reason the Queen of Sheba came to visit the king. It had very little to do with her wanting to meet because of his money, but it did have a lot to do with his power in the sea trade business. Obviously she had her own money. After all she gave the king 120 talents (4.5 tons) of gold, large quantities of spices, and precious stones. The map that you’re looking at is the 1,250 mile “incense route” that made her kingdom rich. Get familiar with it. I’ll tell you why soon…

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Seven types queens kings desire book by kevin dorival


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Great Books of Reference:
1. When Egypt Ruled The East by G. Steindorff and K.C.Seele
2. From Babylon to Timbuktu by R. R. Windsor

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The Value of Women, Black Queens

By queens in Blog on November 15, 2015

Let me share with you some fascinating history about the Black Woman. Black Queens were revered as Mother Gods & Goddesses in Africa and throughout the ancient world until colonization took place. The Europeans, and other exploiters took noticed of how much Black Men appreciated, respected, and ruled the world side-by-side with their Queens. So they (Portuguese, Asians, Arabs, etc.) came in with hidden agendas as businessmen and religious scholars to take away what made us STRONG – the free flowing feminine energy & wisdom of the African Woman.


From Queens In Africa To Sideshows In Europe

The love energy ❤️ from these goddesses gave the world’s first: Warriors, Scientists, Astrologists, Doctors, etc. their strength and motivation and inspiration to create pyramids, calendars, and witty inventions that thousands of years later we still can’t figure out how our ancestors manifested them. The powers that bestole this knowledge, also robbed them of their libraries, their minds, and brought it to their foreign countries, along with our women in order to degrade them. The Europeans successfully erased any remnants of our regal history as goddesses, gods, by violating the black women and black girls in every way a devil could imagine – physically, sexually, mentally, and financially. White men degraded their women (in Europe) on a regular basis while having desires for the black woman’s voluptuous body and wisdom. Case in point, women that were “smarter” then a man were called a witch and burned alive – “Witch Hunts” in Europe and “Salem Witch Trials” in Massachusetts, in which went on from 1692 to 1693 – #TrueStory; with that same sadistic mentality they tortured and enslaved black females and males for hundreds of years. Take notice that this is still going on today.

Moreover, they envied and were obsessed with the black males genitalia and wanted to control the birthrate of the black population, so they castrated them. Case in point, George Washington Carver, the scientist. His slave master didn’t want his genius to multiply, so they castrated him (cut off his penis). In Africa, our ancestors praised women for their wisdom because by listening to them was a matter of life or death, victory or defeat – research it. The image that you see is the “Human Zoo” that forced black women to walk around, do tricks, and dance naked in fences and gates, caged in fences like wild animals. This had to be a horrible experience for our mothers and sisters. (In the 1870’s Human Zoos could be found in Paris, Hamburg, Antwerp, Barcelona, London, Milan, New York, and Warsaw with 200,000 to 300,000 visitors attending each exhibition.) Now, in 2015, our women are degrading themselves freely for that mighty dollar, as private dances and strippers. Wow, time has changed!! (Watch my video: MIND BLOWING Truth On “Strip Clubs & Pole Dancing Ritual)


As many of you know, I’ve written a highly anticipated book, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.” I’ve ascertained some very interesting facts about women from several different cultures in various nations, especially in Africa. God put it in my spirit to write this book in order to inspire women of all ages to be the best woman possible, because it’s through you Kings like me – get our POWER!

My question to women, “How do we get our women to view and carry themselves as Queens & Women with integrity instead of what we see depicted in this picture (and all over TV and social media)??? Truth be told this is going on with White women, Asian women, and Hispanic women too! Love to hear what you think about this article…leave a comment.

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“7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”
Seven types queens kings desire book by kevin dorival

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Books/Videos worth looking up:

  • Dr. Amos Wilson, “Black On Black Violence”
  • Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, “Isis Papers”
  • Dr. Rev. Ishakamusa Barashango, “Will The Real Jesus Stand Up”
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    Was the Black Woman God? Queen of the Universe pt. 1

    By queens in Blog on August 21, 2015

        Women in ancient African high culture civilizations were worshiped as “Guardian Angels” and revered as “Mothers of the Universe.” A man could not become a King without the Queen crowning him (her king). A woman’s wisdom was valuable treasure, and her aura was sought after by real mean seeking to build and/or to maintain empires together.

    Was the Black Woman God? Queen of the Universe pt. 1

         The phrase, “The Black Woman is God,” comes from the knowledge of the original worship of “Mother God,” not “Father God.” The latter came from the European male chauvinist religions that were used to divide and conquer the continent into slavery; they were amazed by the beauty and power that the Black Woman possessed, especially when back home where they oppressed and tortured their own women if she was labeled a “witch” for knowing more than a man. The Europeans also realized that the African men drew their strength and energy from the abundance of wisdom that the goddesses possessed. The Eurasians (500-1500 A.D.) were envious and wanted to take the secrets of the ancient African high culture civilizations back home that were suffering from the “Dark Ages.” Nonetheless its what they stole, including African women, that got them out of the Dark Ages, which means a lack of scientific and cultural advancement. If they understood the powers of our sisters back then – then why don’t we, today?

    Evidence of the Mother God

         As proof to this claim that women were considered “Mother Creatress,” there are records of Goddesses in Sumer‬, Babylon‬, Egypt‬, Kush‬, Africa‬, Australia‬ and China‬ – women understood their magical powers ✨ to uplift herself and her man to overcome any adversity! There is so much more that I would like to share with you but please be sure to indulge in my latest book….“7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire!”

         The title of this amazing article asks a question, “Was the Black Woman God?” A better question would be “Is the Black Woman God?” I personally believe that every woman has the ability to empower every man that is down on his luck – it happens! Instead of looking down upon him or belittling him – give him some motivation! Speak the blessings of God upon him!! We’re going to need the feminine energy force that our ancestors possessed to resurrect the Black-On-Black Criminal from the path of death and destruction back into the right mindset of building, loving, and protecting his family. All three of these components are the essence a “Real Man” that is so badly needed in our communities today.

         Some people may want to dispute the claim of the Mother God and that Black Women were ever the rulers of many ancient civilizations. That’s cool with me! By all means ask me your questions, or post your comment. I won’t get offended – promise. My job is to inspire women to be the Queens they were destined to be so that they can empower the men to be the Kings to be men of honor.

    Preorders are now available, “7 Types of, Kings Desire” ❤️ Book release coming soon…Interested in sponsoring a book signing? My passport is ready!

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    A Little Girl’s Quest For Her History: Toussaint Louverture

    By queens in Blog on March 3, 2015

    Say hello to Majesteé, a thirteen year girl that wrote an impressive history paper on Toussaint Louverture, (May 20, 1743 – April 7,1803) the great Haitian general. Majesteé’s paper was so intriguing that she’s going to districts for a national history contest. She decided to write about the iconic general since its “Black History Month” and she wanted to runaway from writing about the usual black historical heroes. Many historians consider General Louverture as the greatest leader in world history; he actually defeated the French military leader and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was considered the top military genius of the 19th century. Napoleon supported by his native country France, Great Britain, and the United States during the Haitian Revolution in the early 19th century. As a matter of fact president George Washington and Thomas Jefferson gave Napoleon an estimated $250,000 ($5 – 6,000,000 in today’s economy) to defeat the Africans in the island of Haiti, who were fighting to end their enslavement, but he still lost.

    Toussaint Louverture - Kevin Dorival

    Legendary Haitian Revolution

    When Majesteé’s mother, a good friend of mine, asked me if I knew anything about Toussaint Louverture I laughed, and said “Do I!?! Yes, I do know a lot about his legacy.” I emailed her all of my research on the legendary Haitian Revolution from a Haitian event that I hosted at a library back in 2013. Ever since I was in high school I wondered why the schools didn’t teach us about “The Haitian Revolution” one of the greatest battles that changed history? This knowledge was treated as a small piece of history that was inutile – not important enough to teach in classrooms where 50% of the students, such as myself, were of Haitian descent. Teaching relevant information keeps students engaged in educational environments.

    The fact that a young girl took the initiative to research Haiti and our contribution to world history made my heart smile. History is our present, past, and future. Without a grasp of our past, we’re bound to screw up the same way our parents, their parents, and ancestors did. Nonetheless, we can use the values and lessons that our ancestors left us to propel ourselves and future generations to a higher level, whether it be financially or spiritually. History gives us roots, a foundation that we can either firmly stand on or run away from. I am an advocate that all culture’s history should be highlighted in the classrooms so that we all can appreciate and respect each others cultural roots to some degree.

    Let’s wish Majesteé good luck during the Texas Bexar County – National History Fair! Bring home the gold princess!

    Update: She made it to the next level – Regional’s Championship! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the conclusion.

    Hotep & Many Blessings,
    King Kevin Dorival

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    I Dare You To Dream Again

    By queens in Blog on October 3, 2014


    2014 has been a very interesting year for me. The “WILL” to pull my ideas that are in my spirit into the physical realm is a divine power that I’ve ascertained. We all have the ability but only a few have the know-how, or care to. You will never leave where you are until you can see yourself there.

    In 5.5 years I’ll be pushing 40 years old. The BIG 4-0 and I’m in no rush. Currently, I have no kids, single, make an honest living as an internet marketing consultant, and have written two books. However, there is so much more inside of me that the world hasn’t seen. I want to make a big splash before I retire and my vision for the future will make those dreams come true. I know what I see, but the question is, “What Do You See?”


    For starters, I see myself selling 40 million books during my international book tour. I see my second book, “7 Types Queens That Kings Desire,” being featured on Oprah’s book club, and on The New York’s Time Best-Sellers List. I see myself married with three beautiful and well-behaved kids. I see myself owning property and renting out apartments to families for little next to nothing. I see myself helping single mothers go to college with the scholarship, The Rosette Pierre Foundation, named after my mom. I see myself going to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I see all my debt paid off in five years.

    Many people (and I used to be one of them), can’t see 5 years into the future. So let’s go Back To the Future, like the movie, and hunt down what’s diverted our creative energy away from ourselves.

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativity that life can bring. Yes, times can get very hard. Yes, you may not have .50 cents in your pocket – I’ve been there. Don’t ever give up on your DREAMS. You may have to fight for your dreams as if your life depends on it. That means you will have to put your mind, body, and spirit into the situation – wholistically. Hang unto your vision as tight as you can, and it’s equally important to surround yourself with people that believes in you wholeheartedly. Believe it or not the best time to do this is when all hell is breaking loose in your life. In these cases, let Heaven in. The dollar bill or the euro may be the currency that is exchanged between people and businesses, but once you’ve increase your consciousness you will have the revelation that Faith is Heaven’s currency. Do praise and promote God to your family and friends, instead of promoting the problem.

    5 TIPS To Hold On To Your Dreams

    1. Write down a minimum of 5 dreams.
    2. Surround yourself with the people and place that uplifts your spirit.
    3. Read those dreams to yourself every day.
    4. Listen to classical music and jazz.
    5. Eat healthy and exercise so that you can live longer to enjoy your BLESSINGS.

      “God will restore the years that satan stole.” Job 2:25

    Stop looking at what is your current situation and start looking at what can be. The “Power of Visualization” is one of the most powerful tools that the most successful people have used to get to where you want to be. Remember, time isn’t money – its Energy! Use it wisely.

    Love to here your thoughts. Leave a comment and share this post.

    Hotep & Blessings,

    King Kevin Dorival

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