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By queens in Blog on May 14, 2018

Mother’s Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year, and for many women it’s the most anticipated. The world celebrates the beautiful women that gave birth to us: our first teacher, our first friend, and caretaker. And, for that reason, what if I told you that there was a Mother God concept before there was the idea of a Father God? I speak of this exclusively in my relationship/self-help book 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire to empower both women and men on how important women were and still are. Most people will find this hard to fathom since it will inevitably cause us to question our religious ideologies and traditions.

Some of the world’s oldest civilizations not only believed, but revered the sacred powers of the feminine energy. Matriarchal societies were built around the feminine principle. The simple fact that only women can bring a child into the new world means that everything started with the female principle. Let’s not forget that giving birth places a women so close to death in the process automatically garnered respect as a Queen Mother, God, or Goddess. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “Is he an Antichrist or Atheist?” I’m neither of those. [For the record – I always believed in God, our Creator, the Creator of all things both seen and unseen. I believe in miracles, and that miracles happen every second of the day.]

We all can agree that life started in the continent of Africa, in which many people call “Mother Africa or Momma Africa.” Today, with the available technology and research, it has been proven that Africa is the richest country in the world with its astonighsing animals, massive rivers, and abundance of natural minerals: gold, diamonds, cobalt, rubber, etc. Africa is even been known as the Cradle of Civilization – the Mother of Civilization. It was because of these massive riches that all European countries robbed and pillaged Momma Africa. Read my article, Was The Black Woman God? What you should be asking yourself is: How Did He Come Up With This Conclusion?


Today, we live in a patriarchal, male-dominated society for the most part. The transition from a matriarchal to patriarchal society came from an increase of violence in the world. How did we go from calling women Mother God, Mother Earth, Queen of the Universe to Bitch and THOT (That Hoe Over There)? This started when the world’s greatest scavengers and exploiters, not explorers, colonized Africa (we were lied to in public schools). They had to turn and divide the people against their strengths, away from their source of energy – BLACK QUEENS! The same African women who knew that they were goddesses and divine were forced to forget their culture, beliefs, and divine sacred energy as Mother God.

In summation, you’ve heard the Bible scripture, “As it is in heaven, so let it be on earth,” this actually originated from an ancient Kemetan hieroglyphics saying: As Above, As Below. Then God has to be both a masculine and feminine principle since each of us came from the intimacy, or lack thereof, from a woman and man. Once we’re able to individually increase our consciousness and reverence for our queens, mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, and female acquaintances, the world will be a much better place. When you celebrate Mother’s Day, look at your mothers as though they are Queens of the Universe. Rest In Peace, Queen Rosette Pierre. We Miss You Momma!!

Every woman and man should read this book! It’s a game changer!! I appreciate your support!! To read more on the subject, go and get the book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire  [Book Reviews Available]. It’s available on iBooks, Amazon, and on both of my websites: &

King Kevin Dorival 

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Why Princess Diana? 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire

By queens in Blog, Women of Power on August 13, 2017


Princess Diana was handpicked as one of the most powerful women to ever walk the planet in the women empowerment/self-help book 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire. As you can see from the book cover, the late great princess is in good company with former First Lady Michelle Obama and Florence Delorez “Flo-Jo” Griffith Joyner to name a couple. National Geographic also deemed it necessary to honor her legacy by creating a documentary about her: “Diana: In Her Words.”

princess-diana-life-7-types-of-queens-bookPhoto by Life magazine.

Princess Diana didn’t wait until she had money and power to help others. She started working with children at the age of nineteen and became a teacher’s assistant at Young England Nursery. She came back to her natural roots in an even bigger way toward the last years of her life. Once she found her purpose, she continued raising her two boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, and dove whole-heartedly into a tremendous amount of charity work. It was said that Princess Diana knew every detail of the charities she supported, and she impressed people by remembering their names. It was not a regular royal visit with flowers, red carpet, and regal waves. She was different — her approach and care were genuine. She never did anything just to look good for the cameras.


Princess Diana truly had a “Queen’s Heart!” She accomplished extraordinary things with her power. Lady Di, as some would call her, supported more than one hundred charities (both physically and financially), including the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which won the Nobel Peace Prize. When the picture of the princess holding an amputee child from Angola surfaced, it gave her charity work international exposure. A picture is worth a thousand words, but Princess Diana’s photo with the children was worth a thousand news articles!


Furthermore, this is the reason why Princess Diana was handpicked for the HOTTEST book in the country, and possibly the world, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire. National Geographic will host the “Diana: In Her Own Words” documentary series on Monday, August 14th 9/8c. Princess Diana was the most photographed person in the world. She was a brilliant fashion diva, trendsetter, and a true servant at heart, as a true queen – she just loved helping people; Princess Di made it her business to assist those in need with her vision and impoverished people she never met before, but they all knew who she was. Being a queen isn’t about having a crown on your head, but the true crown of a queen, goddess is the one that is on your heart.

Ladies & Queens, so the question remains, “What Type of Queen Are You?” Get the hottest relationship goals book in the world!!

Article written by me: King Kevin Dorival, a mentor, power speaker, chess coach, and author of two books, 7 Types of Queens Kings Desire (relationship goals/self-help and Courage To Believe (inspirational autobiography).  I’ll be in London for the Kings & Queens Book Tour/London! Email me –! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this article, and if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor for the international book tour, visit the sponsorship page.



Book Types


eBooks are available for download: iTunes or on Amazon. Be Kings & Tell a friend!

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Who was Queen Sheba of the Bible? part 2

By queens in Blog on July 1, 2017

Welcome Back! In part one of “Who was Queen Sheba of the Bible,” I concluded the blog article with several thought provoking statements that caused quite a stir. One of them was, “This African woman of power, Makeda – Queen of Sheba, was extremely wealthy, busy savvy, and had an empire that included Upper Egypt, Ethiopia, and parts of Arabia, which included the Kingdom of Sheba (Sabba).” She was mysterious, exotic and a very powerful woman. Its hard for most people to imagine that women of antiquity had vast empires unless they’re exposed to true history. In today’s society the school system is inundated with whitewashed history. If you’re tired of it well…you’re in for a treat – “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” my relationship/self-help book is the perfect antidote with plenty of interesting history tidbits.

Queen of Sheba

Wouldn’t you like to know what one of the richest women in the world went out of her way to visit the richest & wisest men of the time?!? Perhaps you’re satisfied with the bible’s story that she was infatuated with the king’s rich and wise reputation. There is more than meets the eye. An even more important question to ask is, “Why was a woman so powerful and rich, wasn’t elaborated on in the good book?” Could it have something to do with the fact that the people that wrote the books of the bible were male chauvinists to some degree, if not completely? Afterall, according to them, God has to be a man! A masculine principle, right? Not quite. God was always viewed as a feminine principle, Mother-God in the cradle of civilization, which is Alkublan, known today as Africa. The father-God concept didn’t come into play until the Europeans imparted that thought into the countries they colonized. Europeans were still in caves, beating their women over their heads to mate with them when Africa had written languages, and established cities (Proto-Saharan, West Nubia dates back 5000 – 3000 B.C.). [This subject isn’t the focus of this blog or my book, but there are plenty of content on the subject in other blogs of mine.]

What Queens Bring To The Table in A Relationship

Nonetheless, as far as woman-hating males in the religious sector goes, its a well-documentenated that women were oppressed in many countries – outside of Africa. There were religious leaders that believed that women were the doorway to hell, and some still do, such as Tertullian (160-220 CE), a very influential Christian early theologian; listen to most of the rap artist of today, and you’ll hear the curses they spit towards women. Truth be told, women are joining in on the bashing other women. If you need more evidence of this stinking thinking, you can look up the Salem Town Witch Trials of 1692-1693. Any woman that exhibited more intelligence than a man was considered evil. In 2017, with the rate of women outnumbering men in college education, and entrepreneurship its hard to imagine that the females were once shut down for their intellectual capacity. This type of behavior could only occur when a culture that not only accepts but embraces low-level of consciousness. Pay attention to the curse words – Son of a %*$#@, Sons of B^&*#, Mother-$%^&#$.

Now, back to the Queen at hand – Queen of Sheba! Queen Candice, Queen Nzinga, Queen Tye, Queen Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra to name a few (all are mentioned in my new book 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire – BTW). Women played an important role in society by bringing wisdom to the table – the feminine principle and sacred energy was just as vital today as it were during the three “Golden Ages” of ancient Egypt. Generally speaking, the ladies were on a higher level of dignity and self-respect than young women of today; the rights of women were equal to men in nearly all spheres, with civil, religious and military rights and duties much like a man’s. As a matter of fact, many cultures were matriarchal societies.
Polygamy was uncommon in Sheba. King Solomon was known to have a thousand wives [they were not ‘wives’ in the sense that we use the word.], and I’m sure the queen wasn’t down with his program because she came from a higher level of consciousness. She had the ability to increase both of their vast empires! Polygamy was uncommon in Sheba. With the king having so many wives, its no wonder he went crazy. Having your energy pulled in so many directions will have its toll on any person, whether its towards business or pleasure.


When she came to visit King Solomon it was actually a business deal. I’m sure there was a hint of curiosity of his wisdom, due to the fact people of antiquity cherished wisdom – wisdom saved lives and kingdoms. King Solomon had control of the head of the Gulf of Aqabah (the main route that crossed from Arabia to Egypt). He literally, controlled the sea trade that could threaten the caravan trade that had made the southern Arabian kingdoms so rich. That’s why the Queen Makeda gave the king 120 talents (equivalent of 4.5 tons) of gold, large quantities of spices, and precious stones. The queen “brought to the table” a lot more than her good looks, she brought power and knowledge of her worth as a woman! Something that I hope all ladies get a good grasp of the fact that you are worth a lot more than a sex buddy or bedwarmer!

There is so much more I want to share with you here, but the good news is that all of it is in my highly anticipated book “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire“. You’re just going to have to wait for its release on March 17, 2017. Get a copy of new book to find out more interesting fact about the Queen of the South. Please, share this blog and a BIG Thanks for reading this too! [7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire books are available on the website, iTunes, and Amazon.]

References: Women in the Bible

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Cooking Queen – “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”

By queens in Blog on November 22, 2016

Remember the good times when we prayed holding hands before we ate homecooked dinner together as a family at the sacred dinner table after school and on Sundays? The sweet aroma from the food being cooked filled the air while the love energy of what you were about to consume made everyone’s heart smile. The “home-cooked family dinner” ritual was prevalent in the 19th century up until 2001. What has happened to cause this change in love, family, and dinner time? The answer to this is why the chapter “Cooking Queen,” in my latest book “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire” is so controversial to some women and an eyeopener to most. It troubles me to find so many of our queens, refusing to cook for themselves, their family, or for their future husbands. One would have to think, is this the reason why men aren’t motivated to be home with their wife and families?

dinner-table-black-family- “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire”

Equally important, there was a time, when I was growing up, young ladies were proud and eager to cook full course meal, and kept great grades, played sports while in high school. This had to be a great help to their mothers and fathers, especially in single parent homes. The paradox here is that young women aren’t being taught how to cook or sew, and therefore can’t teach their future sons and daughters; the demands of everyday life makes it almost impossible for career women to have the time to prepare dinner after like in the 80’s and 90’s. A solution to this is to prepare and season the food the day before, which will cut down the meal preparation time in half. Even the love music isn’t the same; R&B today is more about lust, one-night stands, and materialist things. In the defense of women, men aren’t playing their roles either as providers, and protectors for their families or communities.

In the same fashion, millennial men are more concerned about looking cute, wearing the latest pair of overpriced Jordans, and that their pants are tight enough so that they can sag their pants “showing their ass” (which is a sign of homosexuals). Could this be the reason women are hiding from the kitchen stove and men are more cowardly than ever? There aren’t any good men left to cook for or worth the effort to standup preparing a meal for a couple of hours. Cooking is the way to a man’s heart. That old saying still lives on today, and will live on for as long as there are people living on earth. It gives us strength, vitality, and the energy needed to defend the woman our hearts desire and to be brave enough to stand on the frontline for our community. Without this vital source of energy from women, men will forever be weak and feminine.

In addition, an older friend of mine, Mrs. G. Cameron, wrote a spiritually delicious book called, “Around The Dinner Table.” It talks about her family cooking traditions and how many great memories were created through cooking, and at the dinner table. The dinner table these days are our living rooms, coffee tables, couches, and bedrooms. The only times most people eat at the dinner table these days are during the holidays, such as on Kwanzaa, Easter, and Thanksgiving. We’re missing out on a great deal of blessings and bonding time through praying to give thanks to God for the ability to have life and good food to eat. Truth be told Thanksgiving is everyday. A family that prays together stays together!

Cooking Queen

The love energy produced through cooking a great nutrious meal is irreplaceable. I can’t foresee better days for our society if we don’t get the traditional family back on the map – One Woman and One Man and Children = The Original Trinity. We need to take heed of this, and must bring our families back to their right minds starting with what is placed into our stomach. Researchers are uncovering the details of how the foods we consume affect our cravings, our moods, and even our memories; there only so many French fries and hamburgers a body can take before it breaks down.

In conclusion, if you enjoyed this article then you’ll fall in love my latest book, especially chapter three, “Cooking Queen!” I highly recommend that everyone gets a copy of my book, “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.” It’s a powerful piece of literature that features several types of women from ancient times to today, i.e., First Lady Michelle Obama, Princes Diana, Florence “Flo-Jo” Griffith Joyner, Queen Nzingah, Queen Esther, Queen of Sheba, etc. The book compares women of antiquity with the sopifhicated woman of today that feels as if she doesn’t need a good man or has to cook when she can order with her debit. We want our men back home – lets start with giving them a reason to not only stay home but to be happy at home. Home is where the heart is. Oh, by the way, a woman that can cook is more sexy and attractive then an Instagram model that can’t! ☺

Love to hear your comments, and I will reply. Have a blessed day!!

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The Chicken Spirit and the Eagle Spirit

By queens in Blog on September 13, 2016

“The difference between the Chicken Spirit and the Eagle Spirit.”

I’ve noticed recently that most people give up without even trying. They give up without even knowing that they are internalizing a “Chicken Spirit,” and dormant energy, instead of attracting high frequency of positive energy into their life.

I have made the decision to live by FAITH and not by facts. I have learned that you have to give God a chance to show up and show out in your life and that in order to have faith for something, you must have something to offer The Creator to bless.


Chickens can’t fly far. In fact, they can only fly short distances to escape predators. The threat that their enemy represents is the thing that motivates them to take flight. They can only fly for 13 seconds and the longest recorded distance is 300 ft. It’s in their DNA to only go so far. It’s a learned behavior that has been modeled by their parents and grandparents.

Having a Chicken Spirit is a curse that will cause you to lack the courage to pursue your blessings in life and will hinder you from leaving an inheritance to your children’s children. Your offspring will inherit your cowardice and YOU will be the cause for the passing on of that negative DNA/Spirit to their children’s children. You will be the cause of a generational curse that will last forever, unless someone in your family rises up to annihilate that spirit.

Eagles, on the other hand, can soar, swoop, and twirl anytime they feel like it. They are the head and not the tail. Eagles create their own opportunities. Eagles run towards the storms that life brings, while all the other animals duck and hide (especially chickens). Eagles can see the silver lining from high above the darkest clouds.

Before you make an excuse as to why you can’t do this or that, give yourself 1 REASON as to why you can! Just one, and place your faith in it.

You don’t have 200 billion brain cells just because you’re cute or handsome.

You can do whatever you place your Faith in and your Mind to. We’re teaching our youth to be Eagles through our chess program.

Can I get an AMEN! Please, don’t forget to leave a comment and SHARE THIS! Thanks in advance & Have A BLESSED DAY!!


Your Humble Servant,

King Kevin Dorival

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