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Are You Fit For A King? 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire

Book Review by LeShelle A. Smith of Minority Report

Question: Are you a queen fit for a king and if so, what kind of queen are you? Author, mentor, and founder of Courage to Believe International, Inc., Kevin Dorival his pinned a book “7 Types of Queens Kings Desire” that identifies specific qualities men need exemplified by women throughout history.

The author describes 7 Types of Queens Kings as a relationship/self-help book, but I believe it to be more. Kevin Dorival is seeking to mend broken relationship between women and men without bashing men, without asking women to assimilate with the opposite sex, while rarely inserting his own opinion. Instead, he holds up a mirror and challenges women to question whether they possess different qualities of other “Queens” – past and present – and why men NEED these types of women. These women are/were:

Spiritual Queens – a man’s spirit is nurtured by a praying woman

Natural Queens – a man needs a woman who can be confident with/without cosmetics and extensions

Queens – men see women taking the extra time to cook as a sign that we care

Warrior Queens – these are the women who remind their men to be fearless in seasons of attack, turbulence, hardship and doubt

Wise Queens – a woman with the intellect to interpret when to apply positive energy when her man is vibrating low

Sexy Queens – men need to be stimulated: mind, body and soul

Serving Queens – men need women who can be cooperative, submissive and respectful.

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Kevin used Jewish Queen Esther as an example of a Spiritual Queen. Esther prayed and fasted for 3 days before confessing to her husband King of Persia that she was indeed a Jew and begged him to spare her people from being slaughtered. Winnie Mandela is the definition of a Warrior Queen, having been a social worker and activist before she met and later married Nelson Mandela. Princess Diana was known around the world for her humanitarian efforts. She is certainly deserving of being described as a Serving Queen.

*Queen Cassy, College Student

If your haven’t got your hands on this book yet you are literally missing out. This book embraces the Queen in each and every lady, while opening our eyes to learn and grow. Kevin let us into the male perspective, what Queen wouldn’t want some insight into a Kings mindset. Whether you are a male or female, single, or married, engaged or hoping to get married one day, this book is for you. Kevin is making history as he explores through history with these extraordinary female figures, and doing what no one has every done before.

*Queen Tiffani Knowles, Journalist & Author

Can I say something about 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire? I started reading your book and I was so impressed by the thorough research that you did on the different types of women throughout history. I was specifically drawn to the cooking queen chapter because I wanted to see what kind of nuggets I could find within that to support my own views on the topic. I I loved your discussion on high vibrational foods and the down play on fast foods for a woman who wants to nurture and uplift her family. As a woman of Caribbean heritage, I have always noted that as being the model for a woman. I remember how my grandmother would always provide food for not only our family but also for visitors who we brought home with us. There are so many things about her that I want to model. Little did I know, that I would be tested today on the very subject matter I was reading in order to prepare your press release.

This morning, I had a friend’s party to attend out of town. So, I got up early in order to make a quick bite for myself before I got ready to take the road trip. My brother and I share an apartment together but he didn’t tell me that one of his friends would be stopping by before they head out to play basketball. Because I had read your chapter on cooking queen, I felt it was only right that I not only make breakfast for myself but also for the gentleman. Once I offered my brother’s visitor some breakfast, you could see his eyes light up and he said “I’ll take anything you have.”

Of course I had to go out of my way to prepare something that could be nourishing for not just one person but three people. However, after reading your chapter, I felt I had to put what I read into practice.

Kevin, you are on to something. Those guys were so nourished by what I did this morning and it brought us all together in a conversation about men and women.

Well done, King Kevin. Well done!

As I continue to read I will give you my feedback Chapter by Chapter. 7 Type of Queens a King Desire will touch any wise women in such a way that you may never understand. In reading your book, I myself had to self reflect and remind myself the importance of guarding my spiritual being and my heart against the enemies plans.

My Thoughts On Chapter 1 and 2

Some feedback for your book for Chapter 1. Queen Linda Vincent., Real Estate

I felt was very well written and you did a phenomenal job at explaining who I am as a Queen. You stated “Our society today needs our queens back on their thrown more now than ever.” I was shocked to see that you had a profound understanding of the power that a woman posses not only for her mate but also her children and family.

You also made it clear that the mother and father is needed in a home and you did a very good job explaining why.
You also explained why we should love our natural beauty, which I hope more women would take your words and really apply them to their lives. I myself went through a transition, where I wanted to learn how to love all of me for my natural self. So in my journey of healing, prayer, and finding my purpose I decided I needed to embrace my natural beauty. One way that I decided to do this was making the decision to no longer put extensions in my hair and to embrace the natural texture of my own beautiful hair.

Chapter 2

I love The Eagles Courtship section that you write about. I also love the section on the Four Seasons, I have to say after previously being married for almost 10 years to a man that I believed to be my life King, I wish this book was given to me before I said “I do” and before I gave birth to two sons. When you say your vows and make a commitment to someone who doesn’t value you as the women you are, doesn’t value family, and the sacredness of your marriage, like you do by keeping it pure by remaining faithful. You begin to have a better understanding of how important it is to know who you are as a woman and the importance of discernment. The funny thing is I always believed that if I had nothing to give society or if my purpose in life wasn’t to be great then the enemy wouldn’t be working so hard to destroy me.

Anyhow job well done on the first two chapters :) This book is a perfect gift!


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