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Samantha Cole

Kevin used Jewish Queen Esther as an example of a Spiritual Queen. Esther prayed and fasted for 3 days before confessing to her husband King of Persia that she was indeed a Jew and begged him to spare her people from being slaughtered. Winnie Mandela is the definition of a Warrior Queen, having been a social worker and activist before she met and later married Nelson Mandela. Princess Diana was known around the world for her humanitarian efforts. She is certainly deserving of being described as a Serving Queen.

Queen Cassy, College Student

If your haven’t got your hands on this book yet you are literally missing out. This book embraces the Queen in each and every lady, while opening our eyes to learn and grow. Kevin let us into the male perspective, what Queen wouldn’t want some insight into a Kings mindset. Whether you are a male or female, single, or married, engaged or hoping to get married one day, this book is for you. Kevin is making history as he explores through history with these extraordinary female figures, and doing what no one has every done before.

Queen Tiffani Knowles, Journalist & Author
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