Fascinating Facts About The King

20+ Things You Didn’t Know About “King Kevin” – the Author:

  1. Wish I could help end world hunger.
  2. My phone text msgs and email notifications are always on silent.
  3. I pray before and say “Thank You God” after every meal.
  4. I only do business with people that are a Woman/Man of their word.
  5. Desire to have a queen as my wife and children more than anything in this world.
  6. Almost proposed to a woman once.
  7. First major international book tour in London from Sept. 27th to October 9th.
  8. I like every song that I listen to on Pandora; its rare that I skip a song.
  9. Enjoys black & white classic movies.
  10. Wrote 2 books, “The Courage To Believe and “7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire
  11. Read books on ancient African Civilizations & World history often.
  12. Defeated the US Army in trademark court over my clothing line, One Man Army/One Woman Army.
  13. Marketing Director & SEO Consultant.
  14. Bird Watcher and Big Book Worm.
  15. Huge Track & Field Buff. Quarter Horse.
  16. Watch most football games while keeping TV on silent.
  17. I never touched a pregnant woman’s stomach before. Waiting on my 1st child.
  18. I’ve only been close to proposing once.
  19. Founder of a 501c3, nonprofit organization. Mentoring At-Risk Youth
  20. National Geographic Junky.
  21. king-kevin-7queens-book-festival-2017-website

  22. Loves to volunteer during the holidays.
  23. Read “The 48 Laws of Power” 3 times.
  24. Art collector of paintings and sculptures.
  25. Enjoy listening to other people’s dreams and goals 🙂
  26. Love chess, and just started playing to teach the youth how to be strategic in life.
  27. Love to decorate my place as a hobby. No one believes me, lol.
  28. Love a woman with natural hair.
  29. Everyone takes their shoes off once they step into my home (“The Yacht”).
  30. Love eating my fries with mayonnaise and ketchup. Checker’s ice tea is the best!
  31. Have not watched the news since I was 21. Too depressive/ Too negative.
  32. It is not unusual for me to read my book of goals “King Kevin’s Dreams’ twice a day.
  33. Enjoys spending time with my nieces and nephews.
  34. My oldest nephew scored 11 touchdowns his first season. 17 in his second season. (2013)
  35. Love listening to old school classical music while driving in the rain.

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