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By queens in Blog on July 30, 2012


(July 30, 2012- Delray Beach, Florida) Motivational mentor Kevin Dorival writes a captivating autobiographical story of about overcoming adversities. The Courage To Believe (December 2012: Dorival – Self Publishing) shows teens and young adults how to make successful life decisions. This inspirational autobiography will inspire people all over the world to look at their adversities as a mole rather than a skyscraper.

With the upcoming 2012 election vastly approaching, Dorival, will not participate in the election. It isn’t because he does not want to but simply is not allowed to. Like millions of citizens across America and hundreds of thousands in the South Florida area, he has a felony conviction. At the age of twenty one he was in a bad financial situation and chose the wrong way to handle his debt. Hanging around the wrong crowd of friends, he got involved in a burglary that was considered a robbery without a weapon under the Florida State Law. Most of the women and men that made mistakes are not able to obtain employment that pays beyond $24, 000 a year; forcing them to live in low income communities.

As a political science and marketing major at Florida Atlantic University, Dorival was able to tune out his troubled past and focus on the future. Determined not to give up and cave in, he started his own promotional company and clothing line, One Man Army, Inc. The name of the clothing line is a metaphor for ambition. Receiving the trademark was a battle in of itself; the logo for the clothing line closely resembles the United States Army’s logo, Army of One. Dorival discusses in detail how he was able to overcome that mountainous obstacle. Most people would have given up with the government as an opponent.

“Before I received my bachelor’s degree my main concern was how I was going to find a career. After a few dozen marketing and entry level political doors were closed in my face, I took my future into my own hands,” says Dorival.

Through his mentoring with The Knights of Pythagoras and his church Redeeming Word, Dorival hopes to give our youth a positive spiritual lift.


The Courage to Believe by Kevin Dorival
• Self Publishing
• Price: $12.95 Paperback ($9.95 eBooks)
• ISBN: 978-0-9855648-2-7
• Pub Date: December 2012
‚Ä¢ Pages: 260 pages, Paperback, 6×9

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