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Women will find the answer to this million dollar question.


    Ladies, if you’re:

  • Single
  • Married
  • Divorced


There is a treasure chest of knowledge in this book for you! This literary masterpiece is anointed to motivate and inspire each and every woman to be the best Queen that she can be. I guarantee that you’ve never indulged in a book as consciously delicious as this before! Believe it or not, women in many ancient civilizations were honored as “QUEENS OF THE UNIVERSE” and as “GODDESSES.” So, you’re probably asking yourself – “What Happened?!”

The transition of power in relationships is explained by carefully analyzing several types of Queens. Here are a few from the book:

  1. A Spiritual Queen
  2. A Natural Queen
  3. A Warrior Queen
  4. A Healthy Queen
  5. Order your copy to find out the rest . . .

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This literary tour de force is more than your typical dating or relationship book! It has tons of fascinating history within it. You’ll be able to compare yourself to the greatest Queens and Empresses from around the world, especially those from the ancient African High Culture Civilizations. Places such as Kemet (the original name of Egypt) and the land of Kush (the original name of Ethiopia). Prepare to be challenged and empowered in 2016 and infinity!

7 Queens is a combination of spirituality, knowledge about the divine feminine energy force, and the union between men and women in the 21st century. This book will teach women what a true King is searching for in his Queen, but most importantly how to embrace the natural beauty and power from within.

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