Royal Greetings,

Before you say, “I Do,” listen to this! Treasure is hard to find. A good wife is even harder. A man that finds a good wife finds treasure. This book, 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire, took me on a spiritual journey while I searched for the Queen of my dreams. I took it upon myself to research some of the most beautiful and powerful women in history dating back to the great pyramids of ancient Africa’s Kush & Kemet, and the boss ladies in today’s fast-paced society. I welcome you to compare and contrast yourself with the True Queens of the past. You’ll find out what made these women so attractive to the world’s most powerful kings, physically and spiritually. You’ll also find out “What character traits these women had the brought the hardest men to their knees pleading to be in their presence. Most women don’t understand that they are a gift.” Grab A Free Book Sample: 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire.

Every woman is a queen, but the question is: What type of queen are you? A positive or negative queen?
Are you fit for King? Do you know if you’re a:

  • Spiritual Queen
  • Warrior Queen
  • Wise Queen
  • Serving Queen
  • Sexy Queen
  • Cooking Queen
  • Queen of Faith?!

You could possibly be all of the seven queens listed in seven queens highlighted or a combination of them. I wrote this book so that women and young ladies would raise the bar in their lives. This is why people like the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, wrote to me about my book in 2017. Many people have told me that they wish they had read my book before getting married. I guarantee that you have yet to read a book as intellectually delicious as this one!

Readers are praising this life-changing book! And for the gentlemen, I have 7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire coming soon!

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