Royal Greetings,

7 Types of Quees is more than a book – its a tool for life. Every woman is a queen, but the question is: What Type of Queen Are you a…

  • Sexy Queen
  • Wise Queen
  • Cooking Queen
  • Serving Queen
  • Queen of Faith
  • Spiritual Queen
  • Warrior Queen
  • Woman of Her Word?!

You could possibly be all of the seven listed or a combination of a couple of them. I wrote this book so that women and young ladies would force men raise the bar in their lives. This is why people like the former First Lady, Michelle Obama, wrote to me about the book in 2017. Many people have told me that they wish they had read 7 Types Queens before getting married or earlier in their lives. I guarantee that you have never read a book as intellectually delicious as this one. Relationship/Life Coaches and everyday people are praising this life-changing book!

Other Projects from Your Grace:

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  • The Courage To Believe [Inspirational Autobiography + Documentary]
  • 7 Types of Kings, Queens Desire coming soon in 2019!
  • Life-Skills & Empowerment Workshops
  • Private & Group Book Publishing Classes Online

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