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Its time to know that the Queendom is in you! Stop thinking that you’re a queen – know that the true crown is your heart. 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire was created to serve as a roadmap to dating and creating proper relationships through self-empowerment and self-love. Have you ever wondered, “What type of Queen am I?” or “What does a great man desire in the woman of his dreams?” Grab A Free Book Sample: 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire. Book Published on: 7/17/17.

This book holds the secrets to successful relationships, and it provides fascinating history of extraordinary women from around the globe. Starting from the ancient pyramids of love in the Kushite (Ancient Ethiopia) and Kemetian (Ancient Egypt) empires to the busy corporate world of boss ladies, you’ll find out what made today’s most powerful women so inspiring to their happily married husbands and family (mother, father, and children) – The Original Trinity. I guarantee that you have yet read a book as intellectually delicious as this one!

This piece of literature will be called a literary masterpiece. It’s about spirituality, love energy, the difference between sex and lovemaking, and dating in the 21st century. Find out what type of Queen you really are…

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